Many individuals with high metabolism, thin frames, or less appetites find it extremely hard to gain weight. You too are trying hard, but weight gain seems like a difficult task? Well, we can help you. 

10 Healthy Weight Gain Tips For Quick Gain

Here we have a list of 10 healthy weight gain tips for quick weight gain that can navigate you to the right approach. These few good tips helps you to put on weight if you're underweight.

1. Consume More Calories Than You Can Burn

It’s no rocket science, but a little mathematics in biology. Your daily calorie intake should be greater than your daily calorie outflow. It's a foolproof method for packing on pounds. Also, if you think using food is a way to do that, you will put yourself in trouble.

2. Protein-Loaded Diet

Many people ask about quick weight gainer for women. Protein-rich foods such as soybeans, fish, eggs, nuts, whey protein, and so on aid in rapid weight gain in a healthy manner. Also, anything in excess is bad. Always maintain a balance. 

3. Full-Fat Milk

A glass of full-fat milk in a day is a wise plan to pack on a little extra pounds on your body. It’s an easy tip to follow. What do you say? If you ask how to gain weight fast in 1 week for both male & female, we highly recommend this. 

4. Eat Energy-Rich Foods

Always ensure that you are consuming enough foods loaded with energy like almonds, walnuts, peanuts, dark chocolate, cheese, veggies, yams, potatoes, etc. 

5. Watch Your Eating Pattern

If you have a mixed platter with choices like carbs, calories, proteins, and veggies, eat your carbs and protein first, followed by veggies. This practice kind of commissions the system to digest carbs and protein first, later fats, vitamins and minerals. Such a digestive trend promotes the early burning of the calories from food, which leads to a steady increase in appetite.

6. No Water Before Meals

You must be well-organized with your water intake for the day, but always avoid having too much water before meals. It makes you feel full, leaving less space for food. This will prevent your body from consuming more calories, resulting in difficulty gaining weight. 

7. In-Between Snacks

Untimely snacks are associated with quick weight gains. Make way for snacks—no junk, please—and you can see a positive impact on your weight. You can have bananas, carrots, grapes, whole wheat toast, apples, etc. 

8. Small Eating Gestures

Daily habits like adding cream to coffee, choosing thick shakes over juice, occasionally eating ice cream or another type of dessert, etc., all contribute to weight gain. Remember, the keyword here is "occasionally." In the race to add weight, you cannot make it a regular practice. 

9. Eat In Bigger Plates

Have you heard about the placebo effect? It works the same way. When you eat in bigger plates, you end up filling them more than how much you usually eat, which makes you consume a bit more calories. It’s a mind trick that aids in healthy weight gain. 

10. Weight Lifting and Exercise

You don’t want that extra weight to show up in the wrong places, right? As a result, all of the extra calories you're consuming would bulk up your muscles if you did weight training.  

Pro Tip: Weight Gain Supplements

A harmonious unification of these tips with some weight gain supplements will show tremendous results. 

Final Words

The prime tip after all the above-mentioned weight gain tips is consistency. Though we know you are here for weight gain tips quickly and you might lose your patience pretty soon, you cannot give up on your consistency in order to get to your desired weight. Just remember one thing: more calories.

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